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Dewa Athena

Hello, readers!

Nice to see you again in my blog. How's your day? I hope you have a great day, like me. It's first day of school because one weeks ago class 10-11 study at home. Yes, It means we have a holiday. It's because class 12 is having an exam.  I spend my holiday at my hometown, Subang. Holiday is always great, We can rest and prepare our energy for next time.

However I can't spend my full holiday at Subang, on Saturday, 25th of march 2017 We have a sport championship. This event called Dewa Athena.

Athena? Goddes?

No, not that Goddes! Dewa Athena is sport class-tournament of SMAN 3 Bandung. There, we can play a lot of sport activity, such as soccer, basketball, dodgeball, etc.

Dewa Athena held on Lapang Bali. Like I said before, in Dewa Athena we play sport activity, like in the olympic. Every class must send their representative to join the game. For example, class X science 4 send 5 people to join soccer game. If they don't, they will got punishment. De…

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