Selasa, 28 Februari 2017

[Essay] Learning from Nature

Learning from Nature

Nature is material word, especially as surrounding humankind. Nature can also means place of living things to do their activity. Nature has two main component, biotics and abiotics. Biotics means life components, or the living things. Birds, ants, grass, trees, mushrooms, bacteria, or even organisms that lives on your drinking water and ourselves, human. They’re all the living things, biotics component of nature. Abiotics component means unliving things, such as water, soil, air, rocks, minerals, heat, and else that plays role in ecosystem. They’re affected the living things in the ecosystem.
Last , I said ecosystem, ecosystem, so what is ecosystem? Ecosystem is a relationship between biotics and abiotics component in nature. For example, a riverside ecosystem. There are water, algae, fishes, frog, soil, and plants. They’re affected each other. Other example, rainforest. Rainforest is the most fertile ecosystem. Many of plants and animals, form the biggest to the smallest live in rainforest. Rainforest has ideal temperature, a lot of soil, and others of abiotics component that support biotics component of ecosystem grow and live well. The biotics and  abiotics component combined and become ecosystem. So, if one ecosystem combined with other ecosystem, they’ll become bioma.
We all know that we’re part of nature. Human population is the largest population of animal kingdom. We have highest position in ecosystem because of our mind. A population of duck can’t make a huge city with all the facilities like humans. A population of chimpanzees can’t make a rocket and begin a space journey like humans. That advantages not often makes us forget about other members of nature. We just concerned ourselves.
Have you ever stop from your daily life, get out from your routine, and realize what is happening with your environment? I realized this when my English teacher gave me assignment to make mind map about learning form nature. For the first time I was confused. What should I write? Nature is just nature, a forest, animals, just something like that. That was something in my mind at that time. I have study biology for long time, I study about environment, acosystem, and nature for long time. But at that moment, I am confused. Iam not a philosopher like Aristoteles. So I decided to find some inspiration form Internet. From that I found some new knowledge.
We can learn responsibility from ants. As we known, ants has position in their colony. The queen have to lay eggs, the workers has to treat their queen. If they don’t do their task, they’ll kicked out from colony. It’s same of  colony of bees.
We can learn optimism form birds. Birds go out from their nestin the morning to find foods. They don’t know how many foods they will find. But in the evening they go back with full tummy.
We can learn from butterflies about how patient they are. They do a whole life cycle from worm, cocoon, until become a beautiful butterfly.
As human in 21st century, we must improve ourself. We can learn from snake that molted their skin. We also have to give benefits to others, we can learn from ocean that gives us foods, keeps up the water cycle, from  bees and flowers with their mutualism symbiozise, from plants that give us oxygen for our breath.
Friends, there are a lot of things that can we learn from nature. Things that makes us better person. Things that help us become a human with great attitude. Things that makes us a human that support ecosystem, not a human that destroy the ecosystem.
The problem now is how to learn from nature. The most important step is realize that we’re part of nature and nature is part of ourself. If we have done that step, Iam sure that nobody will destroy the environment. Second, we must be thankful to  nature. We can’t breath if there are not plants, we can die in three days if there are no water. Last, apply what have you learned from nature.
Friends, let’s make world a better place. Nature have taught us many lesson to be a proper human, a part of environment. We are part of nature, so let’s act like we’re part of them.

Game time!

Hello friends! How's your day?
To refresh your day, I got a crossword game for y'all. This game I made with my friend, Prince. No, her name isn't "prince", her name is Raissa but we called her like that. Okay, let's begin!

2. Someone order
7. Synonym for ‘existence’
9. The method to make hot water
10. Adolescence
11. First time when we do an activity
14. A car, but bigger
15. Punctuation mark
17. When we touch it, our skin will feel cold
19. Digestive organ
20. Preposition
22. Crossing the sea
25. Abbreviation for ‘Just Kidding’
26. Antonym for ‘rich’
27. Abbreviation for ‘As known as’

1,  I Love…
3, International language
4, abbreviation of emergency room
5, largest hand finger
6, My hobby is … book
8,  acute inflammation of brain
10, 12 months equals to 1 …
12, December is year…
13, transportation used on river
16, attach or fasten (someone or something) with string or similar cord
18, stands for exempli gratia in Latin, which means “for example.”
21,  synonym of home
23, Allium ampeloprasum
24, if you’re diligent, you’ll get a … grade
25, place to put cookies or candy

How's the game? Can you answer all the question? Go ahead write your answer on the comment below. Have fun you guys!

Selasa, 31 Januari 2017

People that I apreciate

Hello readers, It’s Wednesday’s afternoon and it’s means English-LM time!
My teacher, Mrs. Wiwin gave me assignment to tell about someone I appreciate for this last week or month. Off course as student that come over city I have a lot of person that help me to live. My dormitory owner, the housekeeper, my friends, my teacher, and else. But I think I have two person, oh! Three I guess, that I appreciate a lot.
Last week, on Wednesday I got headache. I went home early and take a rest. On night, I was recovered. My headache was gone. I rembered that  I have a ton of task for tomorrow. So that I did my task till morning. I didn’t sleep that night. But I felt sleepy at 5 o’clock so I decided to take a nap for about 30 minute. Unfortunately I woke up at 6.10. I took a bath and got ready realy soon. Thank God I didn’t came late to school.
At the school I felt sleepy and limp. I didn’t have enough time to have breakfast. Even  for drink a glass of milk, I didn’t have time for that. At breaktime I decided to buy a meal, I remember I bought nasi goreng. After I ate that nasi goreng, I didn’t felt better. Suddenly my body got fever. I shivered. It feels like you’re soaking in bath of ice. Unfortunately, I didn’t brought any jacket or sweater with me. So I called my senior, Ayu, to borrow Trilogi’s Jacket in Trilogi’s room. She came to my class and accompanied me to trilogi’s room. When I arrived there I felt more sick. Ayu adviced me to go to clinic. But the clinic wasn’t open yet. So she brought me to Councelling room. There I handled nicely.
For that moment I realized that I should take care of my body. It’s important to have breakfast at morning and have enough sleep at night. The next day I got up early and have breakfast at stall near my dorm. I know the owner of that stall. He is middle-aged man with friendly face. He open his stall with his wife. She is humble woman. It feels like you eat at your own home with your own family. Oh, don’t forget the price of foods are very cheap.
You got it? Who are people that I appreciate for last one week? Yes, My senior, Ayu, and Owner of food stall with his wife. Sometimes the simplicity like that imprinted in my heart as a sweet memories. Hope you’ll find, realize, and appreciate people or person that help you, even the smallest thing.

Rabu, 11 Januari 2017

My Holiday

Hello everyone,
Long time since I posted my last article right? I miss writing in my blog really much. This blog is being "dusty" because of holiday. Yeah, I don't touch any of "school things" during holiday. In my mind, holiday means free from something of school that makes me stress. Maybe some of you have same opinion as me.

 *Welcome Holiday*

Okay friends, How was your Holiday? Great? Of course, holiday always great. No problem if you just stay at home, watching TV, reading comics, being lazy, holiday always great. XD

I want tell you a bit of my holiday. My holiday this year was really great, or even I can call it "The best holiday of my whole life", hahaha, am I too excessive? I spend first week of my holiday at home. Me and my sister cooked mac n cheese for mother's day. My mom said it was good. We was very happy then. Beside that, Me and my sister did a challenge to read a book as many as you can. I read 4 books about detective. I have read Agatha Christie's "sleeping murder", "Trio Detektif : Nuri Gagap", "Trio Detektif : Misteri Mumi Berbisik", "Trio Detektif : Misteri Puri Setan". Neither of us win this challenge because we have same score.

My second week of holiday was wonderful. My family and I spent holiday in Yogyakarta. We went on sunday by car. We used north path so that we can arrived quickly. Only in one day we arrived Sleman. Our car stop at mosque and rest for a while, waiting for the sun rises. When dawn, we continue our trip to mount merapi. We're going to do Merapi Lava Tour using a Jeep.

It was really fun. The road was so bad, there was a big rock, poodle, and mud. This Merapi tour take 2 hours. After we enjoy the panorama of Mount Merapi, we continue our trip to Yogyakarta. We're going to have lunch at that time. My mother adviced us to have lunch at House of Raminten, so we went there. House of Raminten is Javanese food restaurant with traditional concept. When we arrived there, we immidiately smelt the smell of incense. The waiters are wearing Java traditional chlotes. The ornaments of the building are also traditional. They put Golden charriot as decoration.

The rest of the day, we spent to stroll at Malioboro street. In Malioboro street, there are a lot of Angkringan. Angkringan is food stalls that ussually sells traditional foods. The unique things of Angkringan is the price (the foods are really cheap) and they don't have chair for sit, we sit down on the ground covered by carpet (it called lesehan). Beside of angkringan, there are also delman and batik shop.

I think that's all about my holiday. If you have time come and visit Yogyakarta. It was really great city. There are a lot of tourist attraction. Oh, don't forget to buy some bakpia too. They're so good. ^^

Ok, that's it, I would finish it then. You can share your holiday at comments. Hope you enjoyed your holiday! See you!

Rabu, 02 November 2016

My father

Hello! How’s your day? I hope you have a good day.
Well guys, My English teacher gave me a task to make an article about someone that inspirited me. I have thought (quite long). Who is inspirited me this far. Bill gates? Ibnu Sina? Hmmm, I think someone that closer with me. Suddenly I thought about my dad. Yes, I think he is the one that motivated and inspirited me this far.
is name is Irwan Pramadi, He was born in Subang, 5th of October 1997. Now, He is work as IT enginer in Jakarta. But sometimes he go Sulawesi because his company has two main office.

There He is!
When he was at highschool, he joined scout and be the active member there. So he has many of expertise such as survival in nature, reading map, rigging, and others.

He also can repair TV, radio, motorcycle, bicycle, car, households, even a really broken toys can be repaired by him. I was so surpised when he made a simple morse tools only in one day! Oh, he also good at sports (I said sports because he good at many kind of sport like football, basketball, swimming, etc) and matrial art, especially karate. He got his black belt at highschool and he taught me karate until now. But because of my laziness, we stop practicing our Karate, hehe.
183676_1862249313361_7166226_n.jpgWhat else? Oh, He is warmhearted and kinda humorous too. He always motivating me to not give up when life try to knock you down. He maybe not good in giving sweet-words, but his motivation can always make me up again. He is humorous… Yeah, you can see that fact in this picture.

All I want to say is I love you dad, thank you for being my inspiration, give me motivation, and I miss you so much, I hope I can go to Subang more often. Hehe
Thank you~~